What is the Montessori Curriculum?

There are 5 main areas:-

  • Practical Life – enables children to practise the skills of everyday life while developing concentration and co-ordination of mind and body.
  • Sensorial – provide children opportunities to use their ‘senses’ to learn; enabling them to classify and order the physical properties of the world around them
  • Mathematics – provide children opportunity to learn and understand mathematical concepts with the aid of concrete materials.
  • Language – writing and reading through a natural process using the phonetic system
  • Culture – including geography, history, music, art, botany in a hands on approach which provides children opportunities to experience the world around them.
  • There is a three hour work cycle within which there are no set timetables. Children progress naturally and gradually through activities in a specially prepared environment within which each activity prepares them for a later one, guided and directed by a trained adult.