Things to Know

1 . School Hours

8.00am -1.30pm Mondays to Fridays. Please note that children should be dropped promptly between 8.00-8.30am and picked up at 1.30pm.

2 . Requirements

Comfortable clothes and shoes. A spare set of clothes is recommended for all children, particularly the younger ones. Those being potty trained should come in training pants, with spares and their changing kits.

For Hygiene reasons, we also ask children to bring in their own hand towels (clearly marked) daily.

A lunch box must also be brought in daily, containing food and drink as parents/caregivers wish. Our staff are available to help younger ones with feeding and we will heat up food as directed.

3 . Settling in Period

  • We recommend that primary care givers do not drop children off in the first week as this might make separation easier for the child.
  • Times to drop off and collect your children in this time frame, will be discussed and arranged before your start date.
  • Parents/Guardians should pack the child’s favourite foods and/or snacks as this might help comfort the child.

4 . Discipline

We apply a time-out method, with children being encouraged to sit quietly in the corner until they settle and if they are continuously disruptive, we let them settle outside the classroom. They are closely supervised and monitored at all times by staff and in close adherence to our Montessori principles. We will always apply dialogue to encourage positive behavior by all the children, which is emphasized in our daily grace and courtesy activities.

5 . Visit

Whilst we encourage parents/guardians to come and see us, it is imperative that an appointment is made prior to the visit. This ensures that we can structure the visit in such a way that it has a minimally disruptive effect on the children at work. You can contact us on any of these numbers 0807 410 3300, 0701 923 4405, 01 454 1987, or 01 903 5557 (preferably after school hours) except of course in emergencies.

6 . Pick-up permission Form

This must be completed with passport pictures attached, identifying the nominated persons.