About The Toddler Class


Infant/Toddler Class is the child’s first formal introduction to a wider environment for a sustained period. The Infant/Toddler Class allows the child entry to a ‘home’ away from ‘home’.  A comfortable space in which he recognizes so many of the everyday activities he is familiar with at home but specially prepared for him.  They encourage him to be active; to use active experience in the development of his intelligence.

He will begin to practice the skills he requires to care for himself, others and the environment around him.  In so doing, not only does he gain useful practical skills but also the ability to increasingly make good decisions for himself.  He will experience how attention at his activities result in better outcomes and have ample opportunity to practice his developing gross and fine motor skills.  The various language opportunities allow him to enrich his vocabulary. The absorbent mind which allows him to soak in all he has around him; finds the perfect environment; specially prepared to support his development on all levels.