Children House Curriculum

The range of subjects included in Our Approach include:-

Practical Life Activities

Materials which reflect every day activities and encourage the children to perfect these skills, whilst developing their hand-eye co-ordination and ability to concentrate in the completion of ‘work’.

Our Curriculum

Sensorial Activities

Materials which help children to fully utilize their senses in bringing a sense of order to the world around them; to better help them classify its physical properties and acquire the relevant language whilst doing so.

Our Curriculum

Language Activities

Materials and activities designed not only to encourage children to better express themselves; with various opportunities to widen and refine vocabulary, but also to provide concrete preparation for reading and writing towards acquiring a true love and appreciation of language.

Our Curriculum


Materials designed to support even the youngest child’s natural appreciation of mathematical concepts; providing concrete experiences that will in time be the solid foundation for the abstract mathematical concepts that follow; thereby avoiding some of the mental blocks so often associated with children and mathematics and instead providing them with a genuine love of numbers and mathematics.

Our Curriculum


including botany, geography, music, history, science and art.

Activities designed to provide children with ‘seeds of culture’; providing them with a suitable window to the world around them as they learn about the natural world they learn to appreciate it and their place within it. This appreciation helps to foster interest and exploration as they learn to become ‘citizens of the world’.