About The Children House

about-usThe Children’s House is a specially prepared environment and serves as the ideal place to exercise and order much of what has been previously absorbed.

Now the child can begin to use his senses to compartmentalize the wealth of information he has taken in and continues to absorb; to gain the language he needs to properly express this and begin to apply his developing logical mind. Within this process, he practices his developing independence to his benefit as he is encouraged to think and do for himself. His ability to choose and complete chosen activities is invaluable in developing concentration and the actual ‘doing’ of various tasks means his co-ordination is improved and strengthened.

Even his growing social behavior is supported as he learns and practices the language and skills required for positive social interactions.
Now, he can begin to appreciate the physical world around him as he is given the ‘keys to culture’; experiencing geography, botany, zoology and the wonderful world of science.