The Montessori Culture Curriculum is one of the most unique aspects of the   Montessori philosophy, giving the children a cutting edge above their contemporaries in the traditional schools. Montessori children are exposed to some aspects of botany, zoology, and geography that other children will only come to know about later in primary school. Cultural activities […]

WHY IS MY CHILD ALWAYS CARRYING, WASHING, ROLLING, AND POLISHING? – PRACTICAL LIFE ACTIVITIES AND THEIR VITAL ROLE IN CHILD EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT The process, not the product is the point of the activity…encouraging children to think and ‘do’ for themselves. There are so many benefits to Practical Life activities. These exercises build the foundation for […]

How a child learns to speak and understand the spoken word is a mysterious process. As long as a child is exposed to some language in his/her early life, s/he will almost always learn to speak. We don’t entirely understand why, but we know this to be true. She will learn the vocabulary that she […]

The picture that readily comes to mind when you think of a classroom is probably a teacher saying to the pupils, “It is the second day of October, so open your math book to page 58 and….,” while the whole class is seated with their books out looking at the teacher showing them how to […]

The Montessori approach is described as an “education for life”. When we try to define what children take away from their years in Montessori, we must expand our vision to include long term benefits of a Montessori education and development of the whole child .Research shows that  Montessori students, have alongside other benefits:- More innovation […]